Boys U19 Final

ARDIC Egyptian Junior Open : Boys U19 Final

[1] Omar El Torkey (Egy) 3-0 Taha Walid Dinana (Egy)   11-1, 11-4, 11-3

I cannot say the result is a big surprise… Omar is the British Junior Open U13 champion, and twice runner up BU17, plus training for the world juniors in a few days in Malaysia… Meanwhile I have to admit I never heard of Taha Dinana, nor saw him play in the local juniors – which doesn’t mean he doesn’t play them… But you get my point.

Hats off to Taha though he played his part, never gave up, fought and run a lot and managed to place a few winners every chance he had.

He lost the first game 11/1, 8m, managed to get a few more points, 6/1, 11/4 in still 8m in the second, and three points in the third, in 8m… Omar stayed focused at all times and will be happy with this clean sharp match.