An ARDIC Day Out

After two days of non-stop matches the tournament had a rest day on Friday, on which the International players were treated to a Day Out.

First up was a visit to the Pyramids, with a narration of their – and Egypt’s – origins and history along the way, from our tour guide who liked us to call him “Daddy”.  Lots of interesting facts about the number and weight of blocks needed, who built them for who etc … 

A look around the Great Pyramid was followed by a short ride to the Panoramic view of the Pyramids. No passing camels, horses or carriages stopped though, so no rides …

Then, off to see the Sphinx … too early for the daily show, but impressive nevertheless.

Pyramids done, the ARDIC Junior Open coach took us to the banks of the Nile for a lovely lunch followed by a river cruise. Some of the kids (and yes, some of the adults too) even got to steer the ship!

And that was our Rest Day … thanks to Ashraf and the ARDIC team for arranging it and looking after us.

Every tournament should have one !!

Lots more photos in the Gallery