Boys 11 Final

ARDIC Egyptian Junior Open : Boys U11 Final

[2] Marawan Mohamed Assal (Egy) 3-1 [5/8] Adam Hawal (Egy)  12-14, 11-9, 11-7, 11-8

What a start of the day. I wish we had been live as it was probably the best game we would see today, but what do I know….

“This is the future of Egypt on there” smiled Mostafa Asal, brother of Marawan, sitting next to me at the start of the match. “Those two, they play so well…”

And you know what, he was right. How great are those two little players, incredibly mature for their age. Adam is the one with the most weaponry in his racquet, he constructs his rallies superbly, and although he makes a few more errors than his opponent, 10 for 5, it’s still frightening low for kids of that age. The term “junior squash” doesn’t apply to those two. They construct like senior, hit accurately like senior, know how to ask for lets like senior a bit too much at times, and unfortunately also, learn to block like seniors.

But overall, a superb match really. First game I feel that Adam was more relaxed and able to play his best squash, while Marawan seemed a bit overwelmed. Adam takes the long game on his 4th game ball, 14/12.
But from that point on, I feel that the physicality played a big role, as Adam is not a strong as his opponent. He got a bit tired in that second particularly, and Marawan was able to impose his backhand winners after pushing his little friend right at the back. 4/1, 8/3, 9/5. Having his second wind allowed Adam to come back to 7/9, and Marawan had to work hard to close the game, game ball 10/7, but only taking the game 11/9. That was crucial.

Third is very close, and Marawan presence on the T is remarkable. He reads the game extremely well, volleys beautifully, and Adam had to force his shots to try and pass his opponent. Marawan takes that one 11/7.

The fourth is heartbreaking for the Adam’s camp who takes a good lead  4/0, Marawan finally getting a bit winded, 6/3. But getting his energy back, Marawan levels at 7/7. A few no lets there that seemed a bit harsh to me, and two errors to finish, it’s 11/8 to Marawan…

Now, for the girls… I missed the first game and I then saw Maya dominating  her opponent in the next game, 11/2 (4m). The third was a bit closer, 4/4, but again Maya at the front dispatching the shots while Aysel was finding the court verrrry big bless her, 10/5 11/7, 9m game.

Out of the blue, Aysel finds her best game, and in 5m, we have a decider, 11/4!

A big chat from the coaching camp to Maya – the “TIME” from the ref didn’t bother them too much, they just kept on coaching for a little while, but whatever they said worked: their girl blasted the last game, in 5m, 10/3, 11/4!

I have to admit, I have no clue what happened in any of the game to be honest… Why would one dominate completely, then lose the plot in the next one… The Charm of Junior Squash, keeps you on your writing toes…