They were the first on this morning bless them, “haut comme trois pommes”, small in size but hitting the ball better than I ever did/will!


Well it was a hard day for the seeded players, as three out of five fell to the lower ranked player. Karim Hafez got the better of Mohamed Said Rady, a tough first game 12/10, then 5, 4, then Malek Tamer took 4 games to oust Marawan Yasser Salah, losing the second 15/13 but prevailing in the other three, and Adam Ahmed Zahran, 3/0 including a bagel in the second, beating Mohamed El Sman….

And the two that didn’t fall to the less ranked well, it was a w.o. apparently, Taymour Bayoumi and Mazen Ahmed El Hamamsy through with no battle…


Not as much drama for the girls as 4 out of 5 higher seeds went through. Only upset, Judy Said Rady beating Lilas Haitham for the loss of 9 points only.

A big match for Aisha Sherief though, she had to fight hard 7-11, 11-9, 12-10, 15-13 to shake off Mena Alaa, while it was a first ever international event – and win – for Omar Elbolorossy and Salma Shabana’s daughter, Ola, against USA Piper A.Ogden from USA, 12/10 in the third.

Salma Ahmed Youssef only lost 4 points against Hana Islam Abdo while it was a w.o. for Malak Hatem.